Working at Marta's part 3 - her shop

Her shop.  It seems a simple phrase, but nothing Marta does is simple.  That is what makes it beautiful.
Welcome to Marta's Room Antiques: I'll just let you wander- it is how most of us do it. 

Her shop is an overload of the senses. You have to go around at least three times to see it all.  There is so much going on that one walk through does not hit it all.  Marta has the talent for display- amazing natural talent. And her shop is different every time I go to visit.

*** I did not take these photos.  I borrowed them from Marta's fb page.  


  1. LOVE that bed! The shop is beautiful. I am trying to find a new place for a booth--Greensboro is a bust, most months.

  2. Thanks for the's a wonderful shop!

  3. Wow Tammy, thank you for the hard work, the beautiful pictures and shout out, I'm not worthy, always humbled by the love and support of my friends. Blessings to you and yours.