Well we are a family of six. 
Two parents, four kids and one dog.  

We live in North Carolina in a historical district in a small town.  Our house is a four square and of course it needs work..

Hubby- is in the Air Force.  He is an A10 pilot but is now doing a desk job working with the 82nd at Ft. Bragg he loves to ride his bike, hike and pretty much anything outdoorsy.  He has learned many new home improvement skills since living in older houses.  Which is great as they break a lot and they cost a lot if hired out.  He is nearing retirement and we are anxious to see what the future holds.

I am a stay at home mom.  All my kids are now in school.  It is a bit lonely here at home but the house, the kids and my business do keep me busy.  I am chauffeur to sports and school.  I am home decorator and master planner.  I am gardener and chef ( easy on the chef part).  I also have a booth space in Sanford that specializes in transformed furniture and home accents.  I participate in a show held twice a year in Cameron, NC and am hoping to add a few more shows to the agenda.  I am hoping to get an etsy store off the ground also.

Josh is the eldest.  He is in his 3rd year of college.  He is still trying to "figure out" what he wants to be in life.  He has decided to move home this semester and summer and get his associate degree before going back to a big university. He enjoys video games, reading and swimming.

Jon is the next, he is in his junior year of high school and is quite the social butterfly.  He is very outgoing, and loves life.  He does swimming and anything that can get him into trouble. 

Jack is in the third grade and is the outdoor kid.  He does not have patience for school work and has a hard time staying on task as he'd much rather be outdoors.  He loves soccer, swimming, his dog and Pokemon. 

Sophie is in first grade and is the baby, the princess and all around girlie of the house.  She can doll it up in all pink with high heels and a tiara but then just jump right in the mud and play with the boys.  She loves dance, swimming and anything relating to art. She started her own line of crafts at the booth this November and is doing quite well.

Lastly, we have Boone - our new puppy..he is well.....just adorable.
Well that is us a family of 6 just trying to make this house our ...
Home for 6.

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