tobacco drying basket into a light?

A beauty isn't she?  Lets backtrack a bit.  We are in base housing in Texas.  The lighting is some form of cheapest thing they could buy in bulk that holds one 40 watt bulb and gives off enough light to make you go blind.  We have changed out most of the lighting so we all don't need glasses.  For the dining room I had a tobacco drying basket that I bought at The Depot at Gibson Mills in Concord, NC.  Now if you have not been there you have no idea how much wonderful-ness you are missing out on.  It is one of my favorite places to shop.  
Anyway, I bought this basket - it came with a tip and also a stand.  I was told it was used to dry tobacco.  When I saw it I knew I wanted it for a light fixture but I didn't buy it.  When I went back a few weeks later it was still there and still calling to me- so of course I had to get it. 

Now we moved to Texas and we moved it with us.  I began a search for a fixture to put inside.  I was looking at a very girlie one with lots of crystals but chose to go much simpler and cheaper. 

I bought this ugly brass - been in every builders home imaginable.  But it was getting ready for a transformation. 

Oh yes..nothing a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint can't take care of. The globes were thrown away because they were hideous. 

The next step was hiding the chain and wires - did not want those to show.  So, burlap to the rescue.  I just took a roll of burlap ribbon and sewed up one side to make a sleeve. 

The last step was adding some beautiful Edison bulbs.  I love how it turned out.

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  1. I love how you put all the separate pieces together into one cohesive product. The end result is fabulous and I especially like the use of the Edison bulbs.
    Patricia at