Working at Marta's part 2

Day 2 of Marta's Room Antiques Fall Vintage Show.  Marta has a ton of inventory so at her shows she puts her "overflow" into one of her work buildings. 
This was the lovely booth space my friend Liz and I got to work.  It is Marta's overflow.  Of course, if you know Marta then you know she does nothing part way so this was decorated to the nines.  I wish I had half her talent of display.

I love all the windows.  And aren't those lockers wonderful?

If you loved this space just wait until part 3 when I share her main store.  It is open year round and you will want to visit it. 
Stay tuned.

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  1. Overflow? Wow it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Patricia at