Working at Marta's part 1

My friend Marta Ramos has a sale twice a year at her place, Marta's Rooms Antiques.   I have been wanting to attend it for years.  I have actually wanted to set up and sell at one but helping work one of her spaces with my best friend Liz is a great time too.  
I took some pictures of some vendors before we started working.  Not many as it got busy really fast.

This was a very cute set up.  She used Marta's carport as the basis.  Loved the strip of fabric garland across the top. 

She had a purse that Sophie really wanted.  Maybe next time I said.  It is lovely.

These are awesome people we met that drive down once a year from Michigan to sell their awesome finds.  Krista has invited me to come junk with her once we are settled.  I can't wait to do it.  Look at that sleigh- is it not beautiful?  They sold out everything except 5 items by 1pm the first day.

I loved this booth set up.  They actually covered the whole top of the tent with sewn together burlap bags then draped burlap to hide the poles.  It was a fun space - Shades by Fran.

This was a fun space- had some things I'd like to have had. :)

This woman sets up at Warrenton in Round Top.  Her items were to die for.. Many that were screaming my name.

Look at these, chalkboard and rusty tops- hear the angels singing?

Another booth with amazing finds.  I actually bought a bunch of project pieces from the nice lady behind this booth.

I wish I had been able to take more pictures but we were slammed with customers.  That is a good thing and what I was there for.
I did manage to get some photos of Marta's overflow building we were working in and then I'll share some photos someone else took of her main building- oh my goodness - her skill at display is second to none.

She holds this sale twice a year - November and April- if you are anywhere close to Belton, Texas you should plan to hit the next one.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. I used to live just outside of Belton and never knew they had such a sale. It looks wonderful and am going to try to go down there in April. thanks for the info.

  2. Thank you Ms Tammy. It was a great sale, such a shame we didn't get to have any fun, it was all work. I hope you get to come back in April, come Thursday and do some early shopping. I'm planning on having more check outs next year and a little more help, you know, my working bees that keep the thing going. Thanks for the wonderful write ups.