my little man is 11

I can't believe it has been 11 years since this handsome feller came into my life.

my jack

 was a struggle and many painful shots to get this gift from God.  But
I'd do it all over again for him- even the hospital stay where I was a
test case and pincushion for the CDC for over 5 days - ugh.

jack's bday,

Jackson - such a loving boy.  Always up for snuggles and hugs.  Definitely a mama's little boy. Always happy.

jacks 11bday

A true lover of all things outdoors: snow, mud, dirt, you name it.  A daredevil and a good friend and brother.


Beautiful smile for anyone, he tried all the sports he could get into.  Such a joy to be around.


 imagination and over the top at times.  Quick to laugh and quicker to
give love.  Beach lover, bike rider, rollerblading and fighting knight.


 grown so fast.  Too fast I'd say.  Stayed a whole week at camp without
any family.  Loves running- so much energy.  Is finishing up 5th grade
and liking girls.  It is too quick I say.

Thank you for an amazing
 11 years so far my little Jack.  I can't wait to see what the future
holds for you.  Happy Birthday - I love you more than you will ever

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