spring break in san antonio

While in Texas one should try to see the sights.  For spring break we figured it was a long enough time to visit San Antonio- it has many checks on the Texas bucket list.

First up is camping.  We rented a travel trailer from MWR - outdoor rec and stayed at a military campground.  Our trip was to see the sights but also to take along our Flat Ethan- from our son's friend Ethan who lives in NC.  Flat Ethan needed to visit many places and document them.  He was our added friend on spring break. Jack took care of posing with him everywhere.

The wildlife was all over the place.  It freaked Boone out so much.  The deer came right up to the campsites.

There was a great lake- Canyon Lake to fish in - although no fish were caught - :(

Our next check was the Alamo.

After the Alamo, we hit the river walk.  It was a nice area just not very kid friendly - food wise.  It was a short trip as we were all hungry.   See my little Sophie, she is so cute.

These were so cute..not every day you see a mama duck and her babies.

We were told that a riverboat ride was required.  We did it and enjoyed it so much.

Seeing the trees all in bloom was such a great sight -especially after being in Wichita Falls for 9 months with nothing green or living.

The architecture was amazing.

This building was my favorite.  It had the faces molded in corbels. I ADORED this building.

Now you can't do San Antonio with kids and not hit Sea World.


As if the shows weren't enough, they had rides.  This one scared the be-jeezus out of Sophie.

Other than that we hit up some shopping on St. Patricks day- yep my bday wish.  We ate out at Olive Garden and we just played around the campsite.

It was a good time had by all.  But now back to school :(

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