jack's 11th birthday

My little man is not so little.  He is such a fun boy and loves it when attention is on him- though he usually avoids all the limelight.  He does like a good party with presents. 

He loves books- notice Sophie hovering?  She likes to run the show by giving him the gifts to open. 

He does take time to read all the cards. That is a change from just shaking them to see if they have money.  Guess it is a sign of growing up. 

Ahh money- that makes all kids smile. 

This was what he wanted so badly, a trick scooter.  He does love being outside. 

Jack does not like store bought cakes.  They are too rich he says and make him sick.  He chose chocolate cake with chocolate icing.   

He has seen his older brothers lick their fingers to put the flames out.  He licked them but then decided against it- a bit timid. 

He did it old school - he just blew them out. 

Happy Birthday Jack. 

We love you so much.

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