shes 9. where has the time gone?

My girl is growing up so fast- too fast if you ask me.

She was my last child..the hold out for a girl.  We got a tiny princess.  After 4 large boys I was afraid to hold her as she felt so small and might break.  She didn't even fit her going home dress or diapers - too small.

She sure came into her own and proved she was not a tiny, breakable doll. She was a princess alright but a princess who was brave and daring with a bit of sass and tomboy thrown in.

Always one to rock the fashion world her own way.  You didn't know that a t-shrit, diaper and boots were the style did you?

She always provides humor- always loving life to the fullest. 

She is loving, caring and a wonderful person - inside and out.

A bit silly, daring and all around crazy - but in a good way.

All about the drama, high maintenance and truly beautiful.

Athletic and a wonderful little sister.

I can't believe she is 9.

You are truly a gift from God and I thank him everyday for choosing you to be my daughter.  I love you so much my princess.  Now slow down with this growing up stuff - please.

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