another texas snow day.

Now we knew that we would have lots of hot weather here and some windy cold weather in winter.  But we never thought we'd get snow too. And definitely not more than once.

Sophie loves snow.  She will play all day in it if possible.

The beginnings of a snow man?

Boone the worlds woosiest dog loves to play in the snow.  He loves to play rough with Kirk.

Guess it was a snow woman that Sophie was creating.


Time to try to build a fort.  Using a big Home Depot bucket makes awesome bricks. 

Jack finally came out and joined in the fun.

He looks like he is up to something.

Bammmm attack.  Time to get the little sister.

Snowball in the hair trick.  Ohhh that is cold.

Oh its on.

Not sure who won this battle.  But they had an awesome time.

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