where have I been?

That is a good question. I have been lost you could say. This move to Texas has proved to be less than ideal. We left all of our good friends, my business, my wonderful yard full of fun gardens and our home that gave me endless blog projects to come here to a base that the housing looks like the subdivision from Weeds. Homes that you can't do anything permanent. Yards that can't be watered thus gardening is not an option. A town that really doesn't have the inventory of old furniture to buy nor the places to sell it if you could find it. And most importantly, a very unfriendly, cliquish bunch of military wives. It has been lonely and depressing and I have drawn into myself and pretty much been on depression mode for months. And my blog has been hit bad.I have absolutely nothing home oriented to blog about. So, I fell and basically stayed down.
Will I get back up? Sure I am trying. Will I blog a great deal? Probably not. I will blog when I have something to share. It may not be all home oriented but I will share. How will it go? We shall see.

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