sophie is 9

The princess is 9.  Almost a double digit girl.  We kept it just family this year...well she made it that way because she got in trouble.  Oh well - she still had fun.

Jack is preparing what she gets to open next.

The only thing she wanted was and Ipod.

My kids are not cake people.  She wanted cupcakes. We did strawberry cake and pink lemonade icing.  I thought they were tasty.  She - not so much.  So, after she tasted them we threw them away- why?  well I didn't want to be the one to eat them all. No willpower for sweets.


Thinking of the wish she wants to make.

Blowing out those candles and making that wish.  My wish for her is that she stays happy, kind and beautiful - inside and out. That she has a wonderful life full of love.

Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl.  I love you more than you will ever know. ~ Mommy

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