our NC dining room reveal

Again sparse as realtors like it that way for showings and photos.  It is a huge room - I guess the people who built this house in 1929 had a large family.

Are the windows not to die for?  I used to put the buffet where the blue desk is - until I added the chalkboard to it.  Then it was just too tall.  The blue desk is not normally in here- just for the showings.

This room has a fireplace - doesn't every dining room?  haha You will notice the butlers pantry off to the left.  This room is huge I say.  We are contemplating when we get back in 3 years of moving the kitchen to here or turning it into a family room.

Thought I'd just share the spring-y table centerpiece.  I love nests and birds.
Hope you enjoyed the tour..

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