NC kitchen tour

Our kitchen was old and needed work when we moved in.  Cabinets that didn't hang level, drawers that didn't close without sticking and appliances that needed upgraded.  I tried painting cabinets but it didn't work out at all.  I then was so tired over the small fridge so bought a new one..that brought on KITCHEN DEMO AND REMODEL 2009.  All because the fridge wouldn't fit and the wall had to come down and a cabinet had to be cut.  Bring on the new kitchen:

We ordered the cabinets from Lowes.  I wanted simple and white.  The counters are oak from IKEA.  The walls are all done in bead board painted white.  The island is in a contrasting black.  I had circa-man get a corner appliance garage because I can't stand appliances on the countertops.  Clutter drives me crazy.

I've always wanted a dual fuel stove and by golly I got one.   I hide the microwave in the island which helps the smaller kids reach it.  The pots and pans needed a place to go and that wall is the back of the FP in the dining room so I figured why not.

Open shelving was a must.  I didn't want the kitchen to feel closed in with so many cabinets like it had before.   Our sink had to be an apron front sink to keep the farm feel of the room. 

The floor was a problem.  It was so much wood and we had the black island.  We needed to bring black in more areas.  I checker-boarded the floors and then we painted the crown molding black.  The lights, wonderful old school house pendants found online, carried the black up to the ceiling area.
I love this kitchen.  We spend so much time in it now.  We will be figuring out if it stays there when we get back or moves to the large wasted space dining room.
I'll let you know..

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