side street bunk beds - in orange?

The older boys have talked of the good old days when they had bunk beds so many times that the little two feel they are being ripped off of life changing experiences because they don't have them.  Enter the ORANGE bunk beds - Side Street Bunk Beds by Ana White plans to be exact.

sidestreet bunkbeds
With our upcoming move we figured why not give them each a set so they can have that life changing experience they so crave.  Yeah wait till they see how hard it is to change the dang sheets on those lovely bunk beds.   It started out with a ton of heavy 2x6 lumber.  Ana White does not make cheap or flimsy furniture.
Hubby spent about a week getting it all cut, pre-drilled and put together.  Isn't it a beauty?

Then I spent about 3 days painting it orange.  It took a lot of coats - that new wood sucks it up so much.

Jack's room is done in an Army theme with light tan-ish green walls with a dark army green stripe.  Then he has camouflage bedding and curtains.  We needed a color - a pop as they designers say.  I said why not orange like the hunters safety vests?  He loved the idea.
And I give you the military experience ORANGE bunk beds.

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