fitness fest- downtown

Sanford has a fitness fest every April.  It consists of running and biking.  We have done the biking but never the running.  This year these kids were doing it all as we will miss it for two years while in Texas.I give you runner #794 - Sophie.

I give you runner # 795 - Jack.  He was so excited about this as he loves to run.

Runners take your mark.

And they are off.

I can finally see Jack and Sophie- come on.

Great finish boy.

You rocked it girl.

Resting up at the finish line.

After running we decided to take a break and do some rock wall climbing.

This girl fears nothing.

Jack had a blast.

After a fun break of climbing it was time for the bike race.  Ready....

Here comes Jack around the last turn. You can see Sophie right before the turn.


They did a great job.

All the awesome cyclists at the finish line.

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