a potting bench to die for ~ Liz style

She has helped me at many Cameron Day shows and at my various booth spaces, she even attended the Southern Bloggers Conference with me. We shop at all the same stores and also email and text when we find things we just think the other must have. She has an amazing house and when we move I will take tons of pics to do a home tour for you. I've done one many years ago..but the girl does change it up.

She has been collecting watering cans and such to create a potting bench.  She has had the vision in her head for a bit and now it has been brought to fruition if you will.

 My bff is Liz Mullenax.  I have learned many things from her- like style, home girl paint clothing is ok to wear in public, and fries are a major food group for dinner.  She has come out to visit me twice a year for almost 8-10 years while we have lived here in NC.  We are now going to Texas for 3 years and we'll only be 4.5 hours apart.  Watch out - we will be let loose.  (This is her and her baby boy at his wedding)

But let's go back to the beginning if you will.  Because Rich needs his kudos.  The man that brought it to life - welcome Rich.

 Yes, a man with a tool in his hand.  Something must be about to happen.   He's taking the legs we found at a Cameron Day sale- right across the street from out booth.  We both have these.  She had 4 for her bench and I have two for lamp bases.

 Always need something with some old, peely, cracked, distressed, awesomely colored paint.  And isn't this a to - die - for door?

 And voila !!! You have an amazing potting bench.  The top part that is the cabinet/shelf part she got from Marta's Antiques, a wonderful shop in Belton, TX run by the most amazingly, talented lady with more energy than a preschool class.  All those watering cans- yep she got them from various Cameron days.  Many a time I spent wrapping them to go in suitcases or boxes to be shipped back to Texas.  Heck one time she carried it as a carry on.  This will go through much use as Liz is an amazing gardener- she taught me a great deal of what I know about it.  But no matter how much work she does on it - it will always look so good.  She always has a vignette going in whatever she is doing.  She rocks.

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