a painted dresser - army themed

My youngest son doesn't ask for much.  But when he is passionate about something - he embraces it 110%.  That is the way he is with the Army.
We had this dresser I bought for a furniture barn show that didn't happen.  At our current house the walk in closets have built in dressers so it isn't needed.  But with the upcoming move to Texas we need dressers.  The little man has an Army/camouflage themed room as it is.  Nothing over the top - just bedding and curtains.  He needs a dresser to move so enter plain dresser.

His room now and is going to be at the new place a light green wall with a dark army green stripe.  I figured go with that color palette, but switch it up so the dresser shows against the wall.  I painted it the dark green color.

Dad built him a set of Side Street bunk beds from Ana White's website and to add some color we painted them a bright hunter's vest orange.  Once the dresser was painted dark green it needed something to set off the detail on the drawers- enter bright orange.

Here it is after waxed and all finished.  He wanted some rope handles because to quote him, " Army guys use rope all the time mom".

Yes they do, Jack.  Yes they do.

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