Word for 2013

That is my word. 

I have spent so much time preparing to do things later..
missing out on now.
I've spent so much time refinishing furniture for two shows a year and putting off playing with kids.
I've spent so much time thinking of what to do instead of doing.

That is over.
I plan on capturing now, being in the now, participating in the now.
I want to see the kids do all their things.
I want to enjoy life as it happens.
I want to capture a more calm household- less clutter.
I want to capture better health by following my diabetes regime strictly.
I want to capture a better body by being active. 
To sum it up- 
I want to CAPTURE life. 

To do this some things must change and it involved some tough decisions. 
There is only so much time in a day and so much of it was being used to do projects for two yearly shows, then storing them for the date.  
Tattered & Timeless the business, well she is done.  
No more furniture refinishing for sale.  
The only ones will be for my house or a friend here or there. 
No more sales or big events- sorry Cameron Street Fair.
No more consigning at stores.

That's not to say that creating will cease.  I could not survive with out a creative outlet.
But now, I get to create for my home and my family.
I can actually finish some much put off projects and I can start teaching my daughter in all the aspects of crafting and do so with her.

We have a move coming up in June so I'll have a new abode to play with. 
 It will be military base housing which is the same as a rental so it will be a whole new adventure for us.  
We have not had to ask anyone permission to do what we want in our house for over a decade.
This will be a challenge but one that should be fun.

Yes, I plan to capture all of life this year and not just watch it happen but be a part of it. 
Here's to a great 2013.

what is your word?

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  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure ahead. I know what you mean about doing things and putting off time with family. I made the same decision last year and it was a hobby that wasn't even making me any money.