New Years Fun !!!

Happy New Year.  2013.  A new year full of changes.  Jon graduates high school and moves to Appalachian State University.  Josh stays in Boone, NC.  And the remaining 4 of us head to Texas.  Our house will be rented to strangers.  Not sure all the changes are good but they are changes all the same.
Love this wonderful boy.  So full of life.

I will miss this one when we move.  I am not feeling quite well about leaving him alone in his first year of college.

Crazy boys.

This girl- well she keeps us on our toes.  She brings all the unexpected fun to the world.

This boy will be in NC also, I will miss having him nearby.  I worry about the both of them.  My big man- Joshie.

Boone is along for the ride.  I don't think he knows what to expect.

Lets bring on 2013.  And here's hoping it brings on peace.

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