{ Christmas dining room }

Our dining room is the largest room in the house.  I guess they did it big in 1929 when it came to entertaining.  You will recall that I took the room over to become my craft studio.  Well with our impending move we need to take it back to dining room status for pictures to rent.   
I couldn't let it go without decorating it now could I?  

Here it is in progress- please ignore clutter you see around - I'm trying to clear all the remaining craft stuff.

Again simple is the name of the game.  Plain and pretty.  
Ignore that not so pretty cricut machine in there..it's going to be sold :)
I still need to get the shades for the chandelier covered in some linen.  

Again another close up of the mantle.  

And this is the actual black hole decor of the fireplace:

So, do you go hog wild in decorating the dining room or more simple? 

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  1. Love the look of your dining room! Sometimes less is more...