{ Christmas on the porch }

Usually I go all out on the outside of the house.  
We do the icicle lights on both levels, we drape the fence with garland and lights, we hang huge wreaths on the pillars and we deck out the porch like no ones tomorrow. 

This year- well not so much.  I have been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit so to speak.  Might be the surgery pains and recuperating or it just might be a bad case of bah humbug.  Not sure. 

But here is our simple porch:

 No wreath - I am liking different than a circle.  This is a big wicker flower basket.

And by the mail slot- yep a nice old crock with some simple greens.  
It works for me. 

So is your porch simple or mac daddy decked out? 

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  1. Simple is so pretty isn't it! I am very simple and I also have a wicker basket, not a wreath, hanging from our front door! Love your crock with the greens, beautiful!