{ Christmas Mantles }

We have two fireplaces in our historic house.  Yes, double the fun to decorate.  One in the formal front room and one in the huge barely used dining room.  
Here is what we did to them this year. 

The living room:

 The living room is where I love to put tons of mirrors.  I use them year round and then just embellish them for holidays.

 We went very simple this year.  Surgery tends to make all the frou frou a bit too much.  I did what I could and then just loved it. 

 Now these lovely fireplaces are non-functioning.  Yes, I know.  Totally not cool. We have not got around to putting gas log inserts in then yet.  So I fill them with fun decorative items to get rid of the dead space. 
Nothing a galvanized tub full of greens, with a mirror in it to reflect light from the dark hole.  Throw in some red berries and some candles and it is all good. 

The dining room is more of a bare room.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around the decor in there so it sits bare - for now.

This mantle has my dear cow my sister painted for me last Christmas, an old wood box, greens, berries, a wonderfully old looking clock, one of my ceiling tin chalkboards and a spindle tree.  It is crammed but doesn't look over busy.   I need to recover those shades..
Yeah yeah its on the list of to-do's. 

Are your mantles all ready to go?  


  1. They both look beautiful Tammy, you've done a wonderful job putting that together!

  2. OOh, your fireplaces look wonderful!!! You can never have too many.


  3. They look beautiful! The cow painting looks so good there. :) I love the greens in the bucket.

  4. They look great Tammy!
    We rented an old house (1620) from my aunt when we were first married. The house had three fire places...one in the kitchen!! I think I was too young to appreciate the home but sure wish I lived there now!