some for me some for her...

While the kids were sick I had to make numerous trips to Walmart.  
For juice, ibuprofen, you name it. 
On one trip I just wanted a bit of sunshine and feel good vibes.  I noticed that they had tulips in ..yeah sweet mother of pearl, as sponge bob says. ( Oh you can tell the kids have been home by my lovely quotes I am saying can't you? )  I picked out two packages for me - white of course but then the princess said she NEEDED pink ones to make her feel better.  
I caved.  Yes I did.  

You can't go wrong with tulips can you? 
What is your go to flower that puts the spring in your step?

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  1. I love me some tulips, daffodils, and I can't pass up the hyacinths either. I guess I pick up anything!