chalkboard paint all over the place.

While the kids were sick I was able to work on some small items- you know the ones that you can do quickly because they whine they need you to be in the room they are in so they can feel better.  
How does me being in the same room while they are ignoring me and watching Disney channel help them feel better?  
Just wondering. 
Anyway, I worked on some tags to use for gift tags, place markers, anything. 
Please don't judge on all the other mess you see there.  Kids sick remember. :)

And some garden markers. 

Those awesome hooks are for my chalkboard from mirrors.  They will be added to the bottom to create more function. 
Have you created anything new for spring using chalkboard paint?


  1. Looks like there's lot's goin' on! I'd sooo help you if I just lived closer, eh? (that's Canadian). That Disney channel is a life/time saver sometimes here too...

  2. I remember the days when my kids were little laying around and sick and i was trying to get something done, but they always were calling me for something. I do have an 11 yr old and he still watches the Disney Channel sometimes. And my 23 and 21 yr. old still call for Mom when they are sick, Lol! But they long out grew the Disney Channel, now it's lap top computers and Smart phones. Looks like you got a few think done. I so Love chalkboard paint. ThanKs for sharing! Enjoy your day!

  3. looks like a little factory. love it! hope your kiddos feel better soon.