a little of this a little of that...

I bet you thought I had died or at least moved away haven't you?  
No such luck :)  
I have been dealing with sickie kids.  
All four came down with strep the beginning of February so two weeks of tons of meds.  Then cold weather hit making it so hard to work on furniture.  
Then when we thought we were free the little ones came down with some crud again. 
In that time we've been doing a bit of this:

 Don't you dress up in your princess clothes when you are ill?

 Sucking on icee pops, laying on the sofa and watching Ed, Edd and Eddie makes everyone feel better.

They go back to school tomorrow.  So I get to clean the house and get rid of all those nasty germs.  Ahh to smell bleach - that is my kind of clean :)

 back to the real world, 


  1. Sorry your family has been sick- no fun! If I had a princess costume I would probably wear it even when I wasn't sick!

  2. Sorry to hear that your family has been sick. We are dealing with the same thing. We can't seem to shake this thing that's going around our house. I'm feeling whipped all the time. It's been over a month with my son and we've all had antibiotics. Hope you all start feeling well soon and us too! I will wait patiently for your next posts. Family first! Have a great night!