Soccer anyone?

Yes this takes up a lot of our time:  SOCCER.
The season is almost over and it couldn't have happened sooner - thank goodness. I am soccer'ed out.
Here are the munchkins doing their best:

 This girl is awesome at soccer.  She is fast and has no fear.  The only thing holding her back this season is a team that is not up to her level.  She gets a bit frustrated with their lack of skills. Oh well, she is awesome.

He is not a lover of soccer.  He is not as fearless as his sister but the boy loves to run.  So, he plays forward now so he can run the length of that field as fast as those long legs will take him.

We will be taking off from soccer in the spring.  Decided fall is enough.  After a long winter with rainy weather all the time and it getting so dark so early, once spring comes they hate to go to practice.  They just want to play outside.  So, this spring we will do just that- PLAY. 

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