Pins, pins and more pins

We had our Grand Opening at the Carolina Artists' Colony this past Saturday evening.  Wow what a great turnout.  The food and drink were amazing, the customers came in droves and it was packed all night.  And finally meeting and putting vendor faces with their displays was awesome. I sold a ton of these flower pins.  I have mostly autumn ones right now but I did up a couple of Halloween and Christmas ones for fun.  
 We have our holiday open house happening in about 3 weeks.  It is going to be Saturday, November 5th. So, I need to crank out the holiday items and get that deck the halls of my booth. 


  1. So very fun!!!
    I love the holiday season
    Gatherings and parties. The warmth of craftiness being shared

  2. Yea, glad things went so well for you! I am working on some of those to sell as well! Keep on keepin on!!! :)

  3. I love these pins and the snowmen you made above from the bedspread. So glad things went well. Thanks for stopping by today. xoxo