It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....well at least in my studio it is.  I am in full Christmas mode.  There is fabric, stuffing, and lots of Christmas trims everywhere. I placed my order for German glass glitter and when that comes in - well it is totally going to be a sparkly winter wonderland around here. 
Here is a sneak peek at my replacement for Autumn pumpkin pillows- they are Snowmen pillows.
Some of the snowman are made from matelasse fabric, the others are from cream burlap.  I still have some to do from an old chenille bedspread.  After many changes in the pattern they finally came out great. 
Notice those stockings? 
I'll show you those tomorrow. 
happy holidays, tammy


  1. OH how I love Christmas! Looking forward to seeing all of you goodies...


  2. Love the snowmen! AND I do see those stockings- love them too!