Some small projects

Here are a few shots of some smaller items in the booth.
These are my bags..and I adore making them. The best part is creating all the flowers with all the different color of fabrics. 
Next up is the huge 36 inch sheet music wreath:

Lastly, is the bunch of pumpkins.  Not the best shot.

 Here's some better shots of those:

That's all for now.  I have some more creating to do.  Pumpkins are selling and so are bags.  Have to get back at that sewing machine.  Not to mention the street fair is only 29 days away.  
until later, tammy


  1. I am in love with those pumpkins!! How creative you are!!

  2. Your booth looks wonderful. I love the bags, the wreath and those pumpkins are the cutest.


  3. Hi Tammy!
    I am enjoying looking at your new space and all your treasures!
    Love the hanging piano rolls!