Etsy or not to Etsy?
I have had some emails from some readers asking if my pumpkins or tote bags that are in my posts can be purchased on etsy or somehow.  
I am so flattered as I have never even contemplated doing etsy.  I somehow didn't think I was that big.  
But it got me to wondering if etsy was a good idea.  And honestly, with the booth up and running and doing only two shows a year I figure why not?  It would give me a new path to explore - a new journey so to speak.

So, on October 3rd Tattered and Timeless' new etsy shoppe will open. 

I hope you will check it out and please give me feedback so I'll know if it is going in the right direction or not. 
Ok I have some photos to work on so some new posts can go up. 
until later, tammy


  1. Yay!
    Good luck Tammy.
    I will warn you though, etsy is going thru a lot of changes right now and is harder than ever to get noticed.
    So I am glad you have your customers lined up ready to go, that way you will be sure to have traffic.
    I wish you only the most success with your new venture. You are uber talented so I know your shop will be great!
    I can't wait to get my hands on one of those adorable pumpkins.

  2. oh I think it's a wonderful idea! you will do VERY well I am sure! your creations are all so lovely! Bonne chance! I would be happy to help in ANY way! I have soo enjoyed my ETSY shop experience!

  3. I have wondered the exact same thing! Good luck to you!!!

  4. I love, love,l love selling on etsy...( shoot me a convo when you open and I'll pop a link to your shop up on my Facebook page.)


  5. Best of luck! You'll do great with such awesome creative items!

  6. I'm very excited about this!
    Your shop will be wonderful!