Burlap busy...

Well it has been a whirlwind of burlap fibers flying all over the place.  I am a cutting, sewing, sneezing woman on a mission. 
I started out with this:

 yes a bolt of burlap.
Then I created these table runners:

some in tan, some in cream

and some in chocolate brown.

All in all they are so much fun; well minus the sneezing from all the fibers floating around.

 What have you been working on today? 

Oh and there is some fun news.  A new pottery/crafters/artisans mall is going to open in town.  I am going tomorrow to get some information on how much booths run etc..
I might be back in the booth business after all.  Here's wishing it is meant to be.

till later, 


  1. Love your runners Tammy. I know what you mean about the sneezing. Burlap isn't the easiest to work with.


  2. So pretty, I love them with the ruffles! :)

    question.....does your burlap have a oily smell to it? I have bought some burlap and it "stinks", I have washed it and it still smells oily? I am wondering if there are different kinds of burlap than what I have?? :)
    Thanks! Jodi

  3. Tammy go for it! I just resigned from my job today and have some creative plans in my future!

  4. Tammy, these are beautiful!

  5. Those are GORGEOUS Tammy!! :)