Some changes are a happening...

Yep I have done it.  
I've added more to the already full plate I have.
But this has been bugging me for some time.  I have tried to incorporate both family life and business life on this blog. 
It has gone from Tattered & Timeless to home for 6 and now it is going back to Tattered & Timeless.

I went and created a new blog for the family.  It is still called Home for 6 but it has it's own address and will be more of what goes on at home:  kids, vacations and furniture and crafts  for our home.  Not for sale at a booth or craft fair.  
I don't think those who are customers or clients really care to see the day to day of our family and household so I needed to clean it up.

You can still follow here at Tattered & Timeless where I will share my furniture rehabs, crafts made, adventures in the business world I fall into etc. 

But I'd also like you to follow the family too at Home for 6.

I will be working on this blog for the next couple of days to get it up where I want it so keep checking back to see what is up...

until then I'll be up to my eyeballs in html, 


  1. Tammy- I've done the same thing- I went from two blogs- one biz, one family- AND now I just update the family while incorporating biz. This takes less energy- AND more energy to do fun things!

  2. @Under the Willow
    Carrie- you made it easier for you. Guess I am going backwards by doing two blogs now - it will create more work but it will be more organized for me..and for a type A that is what I need :)

  3. Oh- I see! I thought you were going to just do the one blog- good for you! Lots more fun for me to read and follow!

    Stay cool!

  4. just signed up to follow your other blog too. Good luck to you with all your new projects

  5. I have two blogs for the same reason. I found it hard to co-mingle two entirely different subjects in one blog. Good luck with both of your blogs.

  6. Good for you Tammy! I'm glad you are back strong as ever, can't wait to see what you are going to create. I have some new plans for the future too! Best of luck!

  7. Hi Tammy...loving your new header!
    If anyone can handle two blogs it is you!
    Off to follow on your other one!