Summers over...for us anyway.

Well we did it. With only 5 weeks of summer vacation due to kids being on a year round school calendar we did our vacations with a week to spare.  
We left for Texas the day after school got out - June 11 for 2 weeks to visit with hubby's family.
His parents live on Lake Belton so the kids had a field day - kinda made it hard to come back to living on land without a lake:( 

We did a bit of this:
 and this:

and got to hang with the cousins:
yeah those Texans are a bit out there but we love them anyway.

I hit lots of stores while shopping with my bestie - Liz.
We hit up Winnie and Tahlulas, Binky LaFayes, Martas shop, Spice in Waco, Bloom-n-Bee, The fredericksburg trade days, Austin City wide garage sale and more.
I'd love to say I got lots of photos like I promised but it was hotter than a witches patootie and lugging around that camera just didn't happen. Sorry.

After our 3 day drive back from Texas we had 2 days to unpack, repack and then hit the road for the beach trip over the 4th of July..
lots of time for bikinis and boogie boards:
time for brother and sisterly fun if not love :
time for craziness and just plain old fun:
time for sparklers:
and more:
even those that are too cool to hang with family at the beach never outgrow sparklers:
After the beach we got home and had 10 days till school started.  We had a house to clean after being gone so long, a yard to mow, and unfortunately an infestation of fruit flies to conquer and kill.  We did it all and still managed to have some pool time, just laying around the house doing nothing time and of course school supply shopping.
Today school started up and who would have thought it was merely two weeks ago they were living in bathing suits ?
My new first grader all in pink - her choice- Sophie
And my third grader - funny little man- Jack.

I am back to crafting and will be sharing as I go along..
Only 74 days till my October 1 show..

Glad to be back.


  1. Wow and I was thinking my summer went quickly! Great pics and great times for sure!

  2. Sounds like ya'll had a whirlwind summer. My kids have 3 months off which is way too long if you ask me. Because I am in admin at their school, I have 2 months off, which sounds just right. :) I go back in 4 weeks, but the kids don't start until September 5th because of the way Ramadan falls this year. Sophie is a doll in pink! And Jack sounds like my Zack ... funny guys! Have a great week. Tammy

  3. The kids look great and happy Tammy!!! Sounds like you had a fun vacation, did you buy anything cool with your friend? (show me, show me, show me)! I wouldn't worry too much about your house - it will get done eventually, girl!

  4. Loving all the photos Tammy...glad you had a great time!
    How fun you got to visit all those wonderful shops!
    Enjoy getting back into your routine!

  5. Wow, you did hit a lot of great shopping spots! Hope you had a blast and enjoy the rest of your summer, T

  6. Wow, and I thought my summer was going quickly! Wait until I tell my kids...they'll be glad they don't live in NC!

  7. What a fun time! Your kids are adorable. I never thought of the time cramp for going to school all year like that.. You did great with your time! Thanks for sharing.