Holiday Front porch

Yesterday I showed you my remade cornice boards into flower boxes and showed you a glimpse of my front porch's holiday decor.  I thought I'd show you the rest today.
This year I scaled way back and also purged a bunch of items.  I used to set up a tree on the front porch all in an outdoor theme and also on the back screen porch in all white.  Well I got rid of those trees and all the primitive-outdoor theme decorations.  And well my back screen porch is full of furniture projects awaiting my touch.  

Basically, I wanted to scale back to make it easier on me and allow myself some time to enjoy the holidays instead of days of putting decor up only to have to spend days taking it back down. 
Here is my simpler front porch- and honestly I like it better this way. 

 I adore these snow shoes.  I found these at my habitat this summer. Why in summer and why in NC I am not sure but I am glad.  

Got this adorable sled from Clines a couple of months ago- it just goes so well with the snow shoes on the other side of the door. 

 The front door in its entirety..I really need to redo that wreath for next year..ideas? 

 And I got this basket from the mall where my booth is- a vendor and I did a swap- she got 4 of my stuffed pumpkins and I got the basket.  I love swaps- no money woo hoo. 
 It is simple but means more- 
Less is more is something I am embracing this year.


  1. LOVING those big ole' jingle bells!!! The wreaths too - the ribbon ties in the one on your front door to the decorations on either side.

  2. Your porch is all things I love. Beautiful and rustic.

  3. Charming. I agree, scaling way back this year so we have time to savor the season.

  4. Yes, very charming! Love your porch and your house looks so cheerful and welcoming. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love it!!! My front porch is sitting kind of bare still. I have the greenery and burlap up, but it looks bare and I didn't want to "just" add bows. But now I will add bows with the big bells in the center!!! Now I am wondering.... where did you get those BIG rusted bells?

  6. I love the simplicity of your front porch. Love the snowshoes and the sled....just perfect.


  7. Just gorgeous!!! I love that ribbon, where did you get that and was it recently?? Simply beautiful and so inviting!

  8. So beautiful! You're so creative, I love seeing the things you do!

    Those snowshoes are great!

  9. I love to swap things, too. No money being involved does make things more special.

  10. Your home is beautiful. To have a sit and sip hot chocolate. I am so jealous.

  11. The snowshoes and sled are fantastic! Your holiday home looks so inviting. Have a sweet week!

  12. Your porch looks wonderful!

    Since we moved---that's what I miss the most---my porch to decorate for Christmas.