Cornice box re-do's

You all remember these correct?  

 They were cornice boards that I found in a field at Clines.  Well I saw them the first time but they would not fit in my car so luckily they were still in the field the second visit.  I snatched them all up - four in total.  Two long ones and two short ones. 
I knew what I wanted them for and with a bit of trimming and adding a back board,
we now have :

 The two large ones were only inches too long- so hubby cut then ends off, reinforced them and backed them with another piece of wood that I will admit is not painted white yet.  (Too dang cold here to paint).  Don't they look amazing?

 The two shorter ones are a about 4 inches different in length.  I took them and put them around my front planter of flowers.  Hubby will have to make them look better later but I just wanted to see how it looked and I like it. 

So, now all I'll have to do is plop down flower pots of flowers come spring.  They will hold more water and be easier to change out when the mood hits. 
What do you think?  You like?


  1. brilliant "repurpose". I always love that!
    seriously they look fabulous.

  2. They look great and perfect height too, they look like they were ment to be!

  3. All I can say is, Gorgeous! Okay, I can say more but lets just go with Gorgeous!


  4. You get a "Ms Smartie Pants" award! I just thought of that!!! (I need to add that to my blog.) Who would have thought to do that? What a nice addition it is to your already beautiful house!

  5. The flower boxes look perfect on your lovely brick porch.


  6. Love it, it does give the railings a very nice display space for flowers and holiday decor, great find!