Advent calendars for my kids

I literally waited till the last weekend in November to finish these.  Nothing like last minute is there?
I had seen some done like this last year in blog land so after Christmas I snatched up little paper mache boxes everywhere on sale.  What I didn't get then I did get this November on sale also. 
Here they are :

 The two of them are very into who has what and are they the same.  You know that sibling rivalry - where all must be equal.  So they each have the same boxes for the same days in the same papers but seeing as if I had to make them both exactly the same I'd go crazy.
I made Jacks tall with a red background and laid out one way. 

 And I made Sophie's wider with a green background and her boxes in a totally different layout.
 It was a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be.  Those dang small boxes were hard to cover and then trying to get it all to fit on the board with all those boxes was a puzzle all unto itself. 
But in the end it all worked out fine.  I like them and they are all ready for years to come.  
Yeah one less project each year. ha ha


  1. Your advent calendars turned out great. I can only imagine how time consuming it was covering all the little boxes....but a labor of love. The kids will have a Christmas heirloom to bring out year after year.

  2. Very neat! I have not seen this before, what a great idea! Your children will love these!

  3. Tammy they are wonderful! Your kids have a beautiful heirloom for the future!

  4. Very cool, and they both get their own! What a great mom. Hopefully each day has a treat for them and a little piece of candy for mom. =)

  5. What a fun way to keep the kids counting down until Christmas. Great project.