Silver balls, silver balls...

I just love silver at Christmas.  It is like bling with out so much over the top.  I bought up a bunch of silver ball ornaments and then decided to make some wreaths with them.  They are a pain to do - a pain on my fingers from all the hot glue burns but they are so worth it in the end. 
This first one is made of small ornaments so it measures around 9 inches across.  

 This one is made of 3 inch balls so it measures about 20 inches or more across. 

 Have you made these?  If so do you glue them to a Styrofoam base or did you master hooking them to the hanger?


  1. Hi Tammy,
    I love your wreath, it turned out very pretty. But you are right, they are harder to make than they look! Burned fingers and lots of silent cursing for me! LOL! I tried the coat hanger way and I kept dropping the balls and breaking them. Then I got smart and decided to glue down the hanger parts which resulted in more ouches!
    I know why they cost so much now.


  2. Hi Tammy! I agree with Sissie, I love that wreath. In fact I enjoyed looking at all your posts. Your home is wonderful and you have done such a beautiful job decorating! Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. I love the wreaths, especially the first one! Beautiful. I tried to make one the other night and gave up when I realized that I had grossly misjudged the amount of ornaments it takes to make one!

  4. Your wreaths are beautiful! I have made them on wire, much easier to use a smaller more bendable gauge of wire then a coat hanger. My husband and I are iron artist and this year we made little peace signs and wrapped them with vintage garland, I had made the garland wreathes before and thought it was a fun twist! Have a Beautiful Season ~ Jacque

  5. Tammy,
    I love the sparkle of silver and white! Those wreaths are lovely! Have scrolled through your blog and really love it! Your front porch is wonderful, I also have some snowshoes and they are my favorites! Lived in Charlotte for 10 years, it was one of my favoite places. My son is in the AF, crew chief on fighter jets, coming back from England in Jan. and will be stationed by Goldsboro.
    Will be checking in often! Would love for you to visit me at

  6. I think these are gorgeous! Great job!

  7. Soooo pretty! I love these wreaths but have not given them a try. I was thinking of trying the coat hanger trick, but I am now thinking it isn't that easy!