Fall and all her splendor

Well I was out playing with the camera Monday while the weather wasn't too cold.  And it was amazing all the color that was out. Fall was really showing her colors that day.

 It is so beautiful right now.  All the colors are gleaming and when the sun hits them just right it is amazing.

 The trees are in so many different colors- yellow, green, rust and red.

 Even my encore azaleas are blooming again- this is like the 3rd time this year.  Beautiful right?

 The Don Juan roses seem to be confused as they are blooming again.  They really haven't stopped much since spring.  They tapered off a bit when it was soooo hot but are beautiful again.

 The hydrangea is all ready to go to sleep she has dried up those flower heads but they are still beautiful.

 I even love my zinnias when they are drying out- it just shows how they keep on going.  They are preparing all the seed heads they will drop to bring awesome colors again next summer.

 See those seeds just waiting to continue the circle?

 These marigolds proved their weight in gold.  Man it was a 6 pack of flowers and I planted one plant each where you see all those pops of yellow- they got so big and keep blooming.  Will definitely plant those again.

 I love fall how about you?


  1. Beautiful fall photos. You still have a lot of color in your trees. All the leaves have fallen off the trees here and it's looking pretty bare. A little snow fell yesterday, I guess I can say goodbye to fall.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the colors, the sound (football games and leaves crunching), the smell of firewood and the taste of apples! Great photos.

  3. Stunning pictures Tammy! You've really capture the beauty of fall.

  4. So "Beautiful"! Great vibrant photos. Fall is by far my favorite season!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Beautiful fall colors!
    Thanks for your visit. Those are the ONLY Christmas decorations I have out. In fact, Mister didn't even notice them until he read the blog post!