Liz says....

Okay I have a best friend I mention all the time on here- Liz from Texas. 
She comes out to visit me twice a year and helps in my twice yearly set up of my booth at Cameron Day.  Now, she has come to visit me for lets see....hmmm over 7 years since my youngest were babies.  
I am now almost to the point that the kids are old enough that I can maybe go visit her.  
She works hard- very long hours - and does for everyone.  She is giving to a fault and is so funny.  She has the best style and I learn from her all the time.  We love the same things and our dream is to have a shop that we can share.  Not sure how that will work with her in Texas and us in North Carolina but girls gotta have dreams right?
Now, I have been telling her she needs to blog as she is so crafty, and the girl changes her house all the time.  She is so funny and loves decor.  But she is very busy and can't do it at this time.
So this morning she sent me an email that was decor related and very funny.  I told her that I was going to start a series called "Liz says" when she sends me decor related emails that I think need to be shared.
Welcome to: 
Liz says....
This is the email I got this morning.

OMG....can someone be in love with tables? know tables in general...all tables...young and old? That is me, I love me some tables. My newest love and wow do I mean love, I mean more passionate than love...see the one on The Willows Home and Garden    This supercedes what I thought were previous loves..those were simply this is some kinda love here....

This is the table of my dreams...look at that ceiling tin (or what seems to be)...seriously....seriously amazing and beautiful creative and glorious. If the table were mine I would sit at it all the time...I would sleep on it, like in the chair with my head face down on the glorious table. I would partake in fine dining on this table...and hamburger helper...even fry night...ahhhhh. I would write out the dreaded bills on this table and surly it would turn that task into a much brighter time...I would be justa smiling and paying bills.

Wonder if they made it? I shall lust over this table for the remainder of the day and the next and the next and the next... I am so hearing those "girls" a singing now.

I am in my happy zone now...all because of a table...excuse me not just any table but Glorious table...I will name her Gloria short for Glorious. Yes, she shall be Gloria. I am in love with Gloria. I want Gloria, I want to re-create Gloria...wonder if she made Gloria or someone else made Glo ( I at times will call her Glo, because we are close, Glo and I)?

What a beautiful Tuesday!

And this is said table- Glo as she named it. 

 Look at the apron isn't that just too cute?  Look at the chunky legs.

 But what has me is the top of it.  It has ceiling tin wrapped on the top then a sheet of glass.  I am dying for this table too.  
Hmmm can one have too many tables?

I am linking this up to Faded Charms White Wednesday as the table is the perfect white..go see what other white treasures are out there.


  1. We love our dining room table so much that we decided to take it with us to Argentina: that means going from a 20 ft. container to a 40 ft. one...but it's so worth it!!! Yes, it's possible to live tables!!! LOL!!

  2. That table has a wonderful top! What a great inspiration!

  3. What a fabulous table!! I'm drooling.

  4. That is one lovely table....such character and patina!

  5. THAT is one GREAT table that Glo.
    very cute post : 0



  6. Great table! Love a long simple table like this one.

  7. Oh yeah, that is some table alright!!

  8. That table is incredible!

    AND what a blessing to have such a great friend! I hope one day you two DO open a shop together!

  9. Who wouldn't love this table? I've always had a soft spot for anything made from ceiling tiles.

    Thanks for sharing today and I love her makes me laugh.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.


  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous table, who wouldn't love that table... it's fabulous!!!

  11. OMG I'm loving it too.... I have a passion for tables, especially old Harvest Tables... and Victorian Ceiling Tin... so a combo of both... well, it's as if the Heaven's parted and I could hear Angels singing!!! *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Love the table and I think Liz is hilarious! Great post - it made me smile....

  13. I am in love with the table too. Have a great WW. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  14. I have a table fetish myself. I buy tables, end up not having room. Take them down the street to my friend's consignment shop. Buy more. And the beat goes on. That is one gorgeous table. Thanks for introducing us to your witty friend.

  15. I knew Liz had an obsession with tables, but I didn't know she was this far gone! :)

  16. Oh, wow. This table is spectacular! I love the pressed tin.

  17. That table has charm. The chunky legs to the great patina so great. It is a great find.