Windows to the world

I was at the local habitat today dropping off a ton of unwanted Christmas decor- yeah I did a major purge.  But while I was out back unloading it I happened to see some rather large windows.  Now, normally I don't see the stuff out back and I was a bit excited about these.  I have wanted a rather large window to hang on the wall opposite the stairway to put pictures of the kids in and my bestest buddy Liz from Texas has been on the look out for one to lean against the wall like Life in the Fun Lane does.  I scored man- I got these three windows:
 This one was the first one some guys with bigger muscles than mine unloaded...It is pretty much square about 64 inches by 64 inches.

 This second one they leaned against the first is 8 feet long and about 54 inches tall.  It is peely, chippy white on the other side and only has one pane broken.

 And this third one here is about 80 something by 65.
Now they are very heavy since they are big and have all their glass.  But I am not sure I'll keep the glass in mine.  It would be very heavy on the wall.  So, once Liz decides which one she wants then I can decide what will go on my wall and bust out that glass.  Then it will be ready for when I get the prints from our October family photo shoot.  
And after seeing all the photos of d'reyne's tinker house - I want one.  So, I am sure I'll be visiting the back lot of the habitat again - next time with a mission - a tinker mission.  
Oh and did I tell you that these windows were only $10 a piece.  
Yes for a mere $30 I got the greatest windows to the world. 
What would you do with windows this big?


  1. Wow, those are GIANT for the price! I regularly use salvaged windows for some of my artwork and if I don't score them on Craigslist, I generally pay $8-$10 for a more typically sized window, so you got a really good deal!

    BTW, if you decide to keep the glass in, you can go to a hardware store and they'll fix the broken pane for you for around $10. :) Can't wait to see what your giant photo frame looks like all set up!

  2. A great find! What a wonderful piece to hang on a big wall full of family photos. Look forward to seeing it when you having it hung.

  3. My husband always makes fun of me...he says only I would drop off a truck load in the donation bin only to go through the store and refill the truck with new stuff! Now I can tell him's not just me..LOL LOVE the should keep collecting them until you have enough for your own glass house. We have one and it's the best project we ever did. Can't wait to see what you do.

  4. That window is HUGE! You are going to have so much fun figuring out what to do with them. :)

  5. You certainly did score! Big time!

  6. These are some super big windows-please post after you get them up!!!!

  7. I am greeeeeeeeeeeen! I love this find.... I actually have a French door, out in the garage, that I plan to hang between my kitchen and living room....but I'd like that long one soooo much better. You are one lucky chickie!

    Warm blessings,