Show is done- Success was had

The setup took a long time.  Thanks to hubby and best friend for their help.  Trisha and I couldn't have done it without them. We had perfect weather for it - 50's in the morning then warmed up through out the day - but no rain and no sweltering heat.  A great fall day.

We felt we needed to change the decor up a bit.  With all white it can tend to wash out.  So, with it being fall and all we felt burlap was the way to go.  We draped it inside the tent and it made it very autumnal.  Notice the chicken feeder down the middle of the table.  I only made two of those and they were gone.  Should have done more.  
This little chifferobe didn't sell and honestly I am glad.  It is such a versatile piece and it is going to the booth tomorrow to be a display piece..not for sale.  It can store my banners in drawers and I am going to hang my table runners in it also.  I think it will prove to be quite useful.  

This year my sister cranked out some wonderful art pieces.  With the tent having fabric sides it makes it hard to hang things so we used pegboard.  It is just zip-tied to the poles but provides and extensive backdrop that was once wasted space for all her art.  I liked that it was brown also - gave the art a bit of a dark background to allow them to pop.  

We sort of set up fall and Christmas in one booth.  The weird part is every year Christmas stuff sells like crazy - this year the only thing Christmas-y that sold out were my spindle trees. Otherwise it was all fall.  The trees were very popular last fall when I had 15.  This fall I made 30 and that was still not enough.  So, on the list for next year is - more trees.  

That darling record cabinet did the church pew.  The big stuff was not selling as well - mostly smalls sold.  Funny how one season- spring it was all furniture selling and we didn't have hardly anything to put the smalls on - this fall it was smalls and we were stuck with lots of furniture. 

The mantle was a fun touch.  I picked it up at a salvage yard..painted, distressed and glazed - it did  a wonderful job holding my handmade stockings and glitter houses.  

 Here is a closeup of some of my sisters artwork.  Notice the Christmas words canvas?  Also off to the left is a Carolina Beach wordle canvas.  Man she could have sold that one 10 times.  She will definitely be doing more of those for spring. She does do personalized items - just contact her.  

 A cradle of those things. 

 The infamous chicken feeder chandelier. 

 Our tree all lit up with tons of white glitter ornaments and my sisters handmade muslin ribbon.

 That's my sister taking pictures of her artwork.  She always forgets to do that so we made sure she did it this time. 

 Wish I had more of these grapevine trees.  I could have sold these many times. 

 This end table was one of two and it had a matching coffee table..the two end tables sold to two different people strange isn't it. 
Can't have enough frames can you? 
Well we have loaded all the unsold items up and taken them home.  The reboxed all the fall in one set and all the holiday in another set.  We have the truck and suburban loaded up to take furniture and fall stuff to the booth tomorrow.  Then we'll head back up November 1st to turn the booth from - autumnal area into Holiday bliss. 
Here's to many great ideas coming to fruition for the spring show.  We have until May 7th 2011 to bring about a whole new look to the tent and all the new treasures.  For now I'll just enjoy fall a bit though and relax.  The only crafting for May I will do - will be in my head and then transferring ideas to paper for later. 
The show was fun, successful and rewarding.  But now it is time to relax a bit and enjoy family. 

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  1. everything looks so pretty! that's a huge space!

  2. What great displays and ideas!!

    Thanks for showing us around!!


    barbara jean

  3. wow, that looks gorgeous!! I would have bought some things from you for sure!

  4. I would have had a ball browsing through your gorgeous stall. Glad it was a success (how could it not be with all that wonderful stuff!). I'm visiting from Its So Very Cheri

  5. Looks really good Tammy! Can I see your spindle trees closer? They look interesting (and dang cute too!). Do you think you could go Etsy one day???? You know - ship to Canada, eh? Great stuff girl!!!

  6. looks like you have been busy! I think you won something over at eighteen25 and you haven't claimed it, better go over and see if you are the Tammy they are talking about!

  7. Wow...the booth looks fabulous...full of wonderful ideas! Thank you!!

  8. Saw you on Its So Very Cheri. Love the vintage feel to your things; so artfully displayed too! I did the floral arrangements for a fall wedding this weekend, you might like the look of them:-) Check it out at my blog:

  9. I would have loved to visit your sale!! Everything looked so beautiful.

    I followed you over from It's So Very Cheri.

  10. You did an absolutely fabulous job of setting up-I don't think I've ever seen -you can see everything and it's displayed so nicely!

  11. Beautiful things! (Found you at Blue Cricket Show and Tell)

  12. Lovely booth. I like how you mixed the Fall with the Christmas Holidays together. It worked so well. Glad you had a successful day:)
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. Lovely! We just did our first show in October.
    ~ Julie

  14. Everything looks great!!! I'm glad everything went well!


  15. I love reading your website for the reason that you can always get us fresh and cool stuff, I feel that I should at least say thanks for your hard work.

    - Henry

  16. I absolutely LOVED your booth at the Peddlers Mall....It was gorgeous! I was shocked to see that you were leaving. We had a booth near you and I bought 4 of your spindle trees. I thought that you did really well at Christmas since it appeared that a lot of items were gone. What if we want to see your something? Where is Cameron?

    Kimberly Branch