Fall-i-fying the booth- a bit

Well after the show in Cameron we had to go hit the booth and get it a bit in the Fall mood. 
We had some items left over from the show that could be used but since the show did so well we were short a bit.  Guess I need to get at it some more this weekend and make some more items.
We took out all the spring and robins egg blue colored items- well except that big cabinet.  The only way that gets moved is when someone buys it.

That is it for now.  Yes she needs more as her "autumnal attitude" is pretty lame.
But I will take care of that and try to add more and more fall throughout this month.
Come November 1st though she is going to be all Christmas'ed up.
Can't wait for white and silver all over. 


  1. Just looks loverly Tammy! VEry fallish without overt orange and black :) So many pretties to see....

  2. Your booth looks really really great. Wish I could come out and see it in person.

  3. Soo pretty I want one of everything.

  4. I'd like to just move right in there...it looks so inviting!


  5. Looks so warm and inviting...perfect for the fall!

  6. It's such a beautiful booth!! I can't wait to see it all Christmasy!