Time to set up for Cameron

This was last show in May.
Tomorrow we set up for the October show on Saturday.  The booth will have a different feel as it feels different now.   It will be fall and holiday themed. 
We have had days of straight rain so hopefully we can get the tent up and stay clean while "foofing" it or "fall-i-fying" it as I like to say.
I will be sure to take pictures to share with everyone - until then I'll be soooo busy.


  1. Have fun, good luck and take lots and lots of photos!!

  2. Can't wait for the photos! Have a wonderful sale.

  3. just passing along that you won something over at

    You only have another week to claim your prize. I know I don't check every blog daily, so I thought I'd pass along the good news to you:)

  4. Hi Tammy. I was over at eighteen25 and saw that you have won a giveaway. She said you have until Oct. 9th to claim it or it's going to given to someone else. I didn't want you to miss out.
    Congratulations! =)

  5. Oh and I meant to say I LOVE your blog! Just my style!!

  6. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris