Chicken Feeders?

Well I adore rusty metal and chicken feeders.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  For years I have used the long ones on my porch railings to plant flowers..well they are too shallow to allow much water to be stored and I was becoming a slave to my flowers--that had to change. I can't be a slave to my flowers, my kids assume I am a slave to them. :)
Then last Cameron Day I picked up a few of the chicken feeders that were the hanging variety to make some chandeliers for outdoors.  I have seen LaurieAnna use turkey feeders at Canton First Monday so thought I'd try it out. 
Here is how they all turned out- and yes I did burn myself MANY times with the hot glue but it is all good.
So, first they were plain, dirty and rusty like this:
then after much glue and such they turned out like this:

I kinda wanted a neutral one - subdued fall colors.

Then of course the bright explosion of autumn.

Then the orange hues of the best season of the year. 

Then just a calm one. 

These are fun also.  I can see them running down the center of a kitchen island or the dinner table for the holidays. 

Not sure if they are classified as industrial Chic - but they are farm chic and farming is an industry so I went with it.  Enjoy.

Well I am off to do more items..
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  1. Super cute. Being a girl from the country I've fill a many of those. Wish I had one now though.

  2. I ADORE THOSE! We are turkey farmers AND Iowa State Univ. grads (home of the CYCLONES!) Where did you find them? I really need one! Off to search Ebay now. This is the type of thing that would be PERFECT for my husband for Christmas. let me know if you want to part with one!

  3. Seriously, check out my front porch - wouldn't one of those be perfect there? Please email me a price! A quick internet search found NOTHING!

  4. Love these. What a great idea.

    Partying with you tonight at Donna's.

  5. oh yes - I love love them! The junky red writing is so great. It is the mix of home and industrial that makes it all so fabulous.

  6. How cool are these!! What a cute idea you have here too!

    Keep on junkin'. :)


  7. What a cute idea, I have one of those just sitting in my flower garden. I love the mix of the burlap in there too.

  8. Great idea! They look so cool hanging on your porch. I just went through some of your older posts and you are one talented lady! Love all of you projects! You have a new follower! Thanks for stopping by today, Theresa xoxo

  9. Tammy, I just bought one of the longer ones at the Country Living Show. I plan on filling it w/some small pots of mums and pansies and a few natural materials. It'll go on my kitchen island flanked by some old spools topped w/candles. Easy peasy junk decorating!
    I've never seen the other kind that you have. Your creation is just so, so cool! And now you're not a slave.... *grin*
    ~ Sue

  10. That is so awesome... I have not seen any old feeder around like yours. I just love the way your decorated them.

    I stumbled over from Cordwoods Blog

    Glad I did... Thanks for sharing your beautiful works of art.


  11. I love love love those, great job.
    Now I know what to do with my chicken feeders. Thanks for coming to my party.


  12. I'm hopping over from Margo's party. LOVE those feeders!! Gotta get mine out of the shed and on to the porch!

  13. Oh FOR SURE they're industrial Tammy....I wish I had BUNCH....I don't know if we have them 'down here'....I'll have to keep an eye out or wait 'til my next trip to the US....!

    THANKS for sharing how you use them....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  14. The feeders turned outdor chandeliers are great. This is a very creative project!

  15. oh these are fabulous! i've never seen the hanging ones...i do believe you have created a new obsession with me!! ;0)

    prairie blessings,

  16. Wowee! You did beautiful work. I'm a fan of chicken feeders myself!