My fabulous auction finds part 1

After my tour of the auction yesterday I feel it is only fair to now start sharing the pictures of the treasures we brought home with us.  Now be aware some are in a bad state as you will see them but I am confident I can work some paint magic on them to make them shine.
Here goes:  We picked up two benches - they need some work- the red one especially but once mended, painted and distressed they will look lovely in someones garden. 
Notice the labor I hired- hubby :)

Here is a chair - I can not wait to do it in white and add some gorgeous fabric..

This table will look awesome white and distressed. 
I always grab floor lamps when I can - they sell so well when I repaint them white.  Ignore the turkey fryer- I did not bid on that.  The labor man- hubby got it when I was not looking. 
This frame is huge.  I am not a fan of the landscape in it but oh well it can be removed and then paint it shabby white. 
This amazing large wide mirror came with a wide dresser.  They both need TONS of work as they are veneer so I will have to peel it off then get it to a level I can paint it all. But man look at all that detail..
I can not wait to tackle that with some amazing white paint..delish.....

Got this amazing wardrobe - 

And last for today- I got this tall dresser- ahh paint, distress, new hardware  
That's all for today - come back tomorrow for more goodies I got in Va..


  1. Fantastic finds! Love the dresser....

  2. great finds. They will keep you busy for some time! Looking forward to seeing how you transform them.

  3. I have auction envy!

    That dresser will look fabulous once you're done with it.

  4. Wonderful stuff! Can't wait to see the "afters"!

  5. you got some really cool stuff!!!

  6. Hi Tammy!
    Wow, it's great to meet new friends-especially artsy ones :)
    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving me a comment so I could find you!
    Some super great finds there in your area-wish I was closer...
    I'll be following...
    Smiles. Debbie