Back from the auction

Well it was dang HOT in Virginia this past Monday.  I mean hot and muggy and miserable to be at an auction.  But we persevered and made it through and even managed to fill a trailer up with furniture finds.

I thought today I'd share some pictures of the auction site we went to and then tomorrow and Friday I will share pics of treasures we brought back with us..
This is the outside area..lots of box lots and things to be found that might- and might not be treasures. 

Inside...look at all that furniture. Notice all the stuff in the back stacked up- they weren't even doing any of that at this auction it is for future auctions..ahhh love

Lots of tables and chairs - so much to behold 

More stuff to buy.. It is sad that my trailer would only hold so much of this goodness. Well that and other people kept bidding against me - dang it :)

And this is where you sit to bid on the smalls - like jewelry, china, etc..pretty much anything but furniture.  For the furniture we walked down the aisles and bidded

And finally - this is what two little kids did outside for three hours waiting for daddy to get done with the outside stuff so he could take them to the pool while I finished up the furniture. 

Tomorrow I'll share pics of the goodies we crammed into the trailer to bring home. Right now I am off to bed- I spent the day driving to and from oldest son's college town to pick up his apartment key for fall and to measure to see what we need to get before move in day. I am sick of being in the car.


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  2. I have 4 kids, 15, 5, 4, and 1. I thought it was neat that we both have kids so spread apart in age.