Auction finds part 2

Welcome back..I hope you enjoyed all the lovely- well soon to be lovely finds I shared with you yesterday.  Here is round two- enjoy and remember keep and open mind of what they can be.

Next is a coffee table and two matching end tables.  They are rather more modern looking but with all their detail I think they will be wonderful painted white and then distressed to show off all the detail. 

Then I have another wonderful mirror that goes to a low dresser.  Beautimous :)

A drop leaf table..they are so versatile that I try to grab them when I can. 

Look at the detail on her legs...ahhh to die for. 

I got a hold of an old cabinet.  It reminds me of the old record cabinets but without the record player. It unfortunately got some damage in the trailer.  Seems the knob from another piece tore up the front - so gotta think on what to do with that part.

And lastly of the big furniture- another tall dresser. Seems I am as big a sucker for dressers as I am for chairs.  They do fix up so well though.  And you get to put new hardware on them which equals jewelry :)

That's all- I need to get working on these now so I can show you some finished pieces.
Now if it will only cool down a bit here for Pete's sake.


  1. Those will be beautiful! I wish I didn't hate painting so much so I could work some magic here. :)


  2. Wow!!!! you have a lot of work to do!!!! Cant wait to see then finished!

  3. You sure are going to be busy!! :) You found some great pieces- our booth is sure to be popular this year.