First day of school - the youngest flew the nest.

Today was the first day of school for my two elementary kids.  We are on a year round calendar so summer break is only 5 weeks long. 
It was a bittersweet day.  On one hand, the youngest - Sophie finally went off to school.  On the other hand, the youngest- Sophie went off to school.   It was hard to let her go as she is my shadow- my constant companion, my little buddy. 
But the little bird needed to fly from the nest.   I still think if the backpack is bigger than the kid they are too small to go to school.  I'm just saying.

Here is Sophie on her very first day of kindergarten:

Don't you agree she is too small to be in school?  But she sure does look the part right?

Then here is Jack.  He started 2nd grade today and actually was quite excited.  Fooled me - hope this year goes better than last and that he starts to like school again. 

Handsome fellow isn't he?

You'd think with them at school that I could get a lot done..well I could if I wasn't driving my high school kid to drivers ed and then taking the college kids phone in to get it repaired.  Maybe tomorrow will be more of an accomplished day.
I did hit the salvation Army store and picked up a load of frames to paint and distress.
Well off to pick up the high school kid..


  1. Oh what a bittersweet day this must have been. Those two are cuties!

  2. I remember feeling so weird when I sent my youngest to Kindy. Now we homeschool again, but I never forget each of the older kids' first days of school. *sigh*

  3. Awww, your kids are so cute! :)
    Our kids go back to school on the 30th, and I am counting the days! Although it is nice to have them home, it is also nice to have some quiet.
    Hope you are having a fun summer.