A summer mantle to share

The Stories of A to Z is having a mantle party to show off our summer style.  I pretty much am so swamped in the summer that I put it up the end of May and leave it alone all summer.  I do it in a patriotic/beach theme so it will carry from Memorial day to Labor day..pretty lazy but it works for me.

Now here are some closeups of the patriotic greatness :)
What is a cloche without a flag?  My sister's friend takes old postcards and then solders them in between glass to save them forever..I love it.

Then I have all the various pictures we have moved everywhere- notice Texas in there?  Can't be more patriotic than that.
I also have the mercury glass vase full of flags..I love that vase and use it for all different times of the year.

And lastly since the mantle is full of patriotic I had to do the beachy scene on the entry table..here is a shot of that.

Now go join in at The Stories of A to Z to see the rest of the summer-licious mantles out there.

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